Behind the Okuma FANZ Skulldragger

It was the mutual love of fishing and the outdoors that brought Composite Developments and Fishing and Adventure together back in 2015.

Composite Developments (CD) is a family owned and operated New Zealand company who is the NZ distributor of Okuma rods and reels. “It has been great to be able to partner with a likeminded family operated business. Okuma’s quality, range and availability to the everyday kiwi definitely set them apart for us from the beginning” says Scott Parry, Company Director and Presenter of Fishing and Adventure. “We have enjoyed growing alongside Okuma, as they’ve expanded their range throughout New Zealand” adds Parry.

Fishing and Adventure partnered with Okuma as the exclusive Rod and Reel sponsor six years ago.  Parry explains that Fishing and Adventure has always been about staying true to our beliefs and values while appealing to the average kiwi fisherman. Okuma helps us to do this, whilst offering quality and innovation.

It was the attraction of innovation and creativity that lead Parry and the team at Okuma to collaborate in designing the ultimate strayline rod.  With the help of the latest UFR technology the FANZ Skulldragger was born.

“We do a lot of straylining so to be able to design a rod that suited exactly the type of fishing we do was awesome. It’s a no-nonsense rod, but it’s still nice to fish with. It ticks all the boxes.” says Mig Rumney, co-presenter. 

The Skulldragger was named after the colloquial fishing term Skulldragging, which refers to dragging a fish in rather than letting it run. It’s a stand and deliver rod which was designed to turn a fish’s head around in shallow waters rather than letting it run for a reef.

“When the opportunity came up to work on a rod specially to suit the boys needs it was a no brainer! Scott and Mig are on the water fishing more than most of us so they know what they want! With a few tweaks and some of the latest UMR technology we achieved an affordable rod that is the ‘go to’ for snapper fishing” Explains Tom Johanson, Operations Manager at CD 

“We really enjoy working with CD, and this experience was no different.”  Says Scott.

The Okuma FANZ Skulldragger rod features the Fishing and Adventure signature black and white look and feel and is stamped with the official F.A.N.Z branding.  “If you want a do-anything, don’t argue rod, then the Skulldragger is it” adds Rumney.