Meet the Crew

Scott Parry -  Managing Director / Co-Presenter / Director / Executive Producer



Hometown - Raglan, New Zealand

Lives in - Hamilton, New Zealand

Best catch - First Marlin and first 20lb Snapper

Favourite fishing locations - Raglan, Houhora, Fiordland

Hobbies - Fishing, Cars, Rugby, Surfing, Diving and Spearfishing

Nickname - Ropey

Scott grew up in Raglan and has been fishing since before he could walk. If it wasn’t fishing trips out in the Raglan harbour with Dad and brother Ben, it was family holidays up at the batch in Coromandel. Coromandel is where cousins Scott and Mig first fished together with Scott taking Mig sprat fishing off the beach. Since then the boys have been on countless adventures and fishing missions all over the country. Scott gave up a promising career in Rugby and League to pursue the dream of having his own fishing show with Mig. He also has a passion for cars in particular American muscle cars and VL Commodores of which he has 2. Scott spends a most of his time working on the behind the scenes and business side of Fishing & Adventure and it is now a full time job… Still would like a bit more time to go fishing though!


Michael (Mig) Rumney - Co-Presenter / Operations Coordinator 


Hometown - Rotorua, New Zealand

Lives in - Rotorua, New Zealand

Best Catch - 135kg Swordfish, 37kg Hapuka

Favourite fishing locations - Hokianga, Whakatane, Fiordland

Hobbies - Fishing, Speedway, Hunting, Mountain Biking, Diving and Spearfishing

Nicknames - Mig, Miguel 

Mig was born in Rotorua into a stockcar mad family so it is little surprise that he now races stockcars himself. He is very competitive and has had a huge amount of success with the 72R machine. Like Scott. fishing for Mig started at the family bach in Coromandel with his dad and later on with cousins and uncles alike. When Mig was in his late teens, he went to work for Scott in Hamilton and this is where they came up with the idea for Fishing & Adventure. The boys were spending more time fishing and less time working so decided it was time to have a crack at making a career out of it. Mig currently lives in Rotorua and although the F&A headquarters is in Hamilton, he still is involved with a lot of the operations and maintenance tasks.  Hunting has also become a big part of his life but finding the time to commit to it is fairly challenging with a full filming and speedway calendar. Mig is an integral part of F&A not just with the presenting but with the behind the scenes happenings during the filming trips. 

Ben Parry - Underwater Cameraman / Production Manager


Hometown - Raglan New Zealand

Lives in - Christchurch, New Zealand

Best Catch - 18lb Snapper off the rocks

Favourite fishing locations - Aldermen Islands, Fiordland

Hobbies - Fishing, Hunting, Sailing, Sport, Diving and Spearfishing

Nicknames - Ben-Larden, Sausage

Ben is Scott’s younger brother so it’s no surprise that he also has a passion for fishing.  In their younger days it was actually Ben who showed more of an obsession with fishing and was constantly looking for new ways to catch fish. He brings this mentality to the F&A shoots and his ideas are often used to keep things interesting.  He works as a Geo-technical engineer in Christchurch but makes himself available for the filming sessions.  A keen eye for underwater cinematography, Ben is never afraid of getting in the drink to capture that epic piece of footage. Like Jared, Ben will often get caught out catching fish in the background but lately has been given more of a license to do so. It’s part of what the show is about, that grass roots attitude that the viewers can relate to.  Ben is also the man behind the scenes, making lunch, charging batteries and keeping some form of schedule so that Scott and Mig can focus on presenting. He is a very keen hunter with some very impressive trophies to date.

Sulaika Esselbrugge - Sponsorship & Marketing Manager 


Hometown - San Pedro, Guatemala

Lives in - Hamilton, New Zealand

Favourite fishing locations - Bay of Islands

Hobbies - Paddle Boarding, Snorkelling, Hiking 
and spending time with family. 

Nicknames - Sue, Ask Sue

Sue, which is short for Sulaika, it's a name that she inherited from her birth country, Guatemala. Whilst she was born in Central America, Sue has called New Zealand home for most of her life after moving here at four years old. She completed her University studies in 2006 and promptly moved to Spain to be part of the first America’s Cup regatta in Valencia. She has three small children and spends most of her down time traveling, getting outdoors and spending quality time with family. Sue has a real passion for sponsorship and marketing having worked with major event promoters and sports teams in previous roles. Sue’s wealth of knowledge around creating and leveraging sponsorship opportunities is a real asset to us and our sponsors. Her work behind the scenes allows the crew to focus on producing quality content as the show continues to grow. 


David Holzapfel - Cameraman, Editor & Digital Content Creator 


Hometown - Berlin, Germany

Lives in - Hamilton, New Zealand

Hobbies - Fishing, Hunting and full time Hype Man

Favourite fishing locations - Coromandel, East Cape

Nicknames - Uncle Dave, Go Dave, Daewoo, Ravine

David joined the Fishing and Adventure team in 2019, bringing with him loads of expertise in marketing and digital media. Having David onboard has allowed Fishing and Adventure to grow through opportunities available across social media and other digital platforms while providing premium content to our viewers and sponsors. David's role has developed over the last few years and after multiple hats worn, he has settled in nicely as the Camera operator and editor for the TV show and the YouTube Side Missions. David's ability to capture and create the amazing content you see on your screens is one of the reasons Fishing & Adventure is the top rated fishing show in New Zealand.


Jared Baigent - Cameraman / Editor / Assistant Director (Season 1 - Season 8)


Hometown - Te Puke, New Zealand

Lives in - Auckland, New Zealand

Best Catch - 22lb Snapper

Favourite fishing locations - Hokianga, Mokau, Fiordland

Hobbies - Fishing, Muscle cars, Mountain biking,

Nickname - J-Rock

Jared was the main man behind the lens since season one and has helped pave the way for the brand.  With a passion for both TV production and fishing, Jared was the obvious choice for Fishing & Adventure and his creative camera work helps bring the show to life.  Jared and Scott are friends from back in the late 90’s when they used to skateboard together, but it was by chance that Scott bumped into Jared when trying to get the show off the ground and since that there’s been no looking back.  Jared has a keen interest in cars and when not working on Fishing & Adventure he is working on various motorsport television productions. Jared and his brother Ryan own the company Locus Creative which operates out of Kingsland, Auckland. It’s here where the majority of post production takes place and there are many hours spent cutting and piecing episodes together. The GoPro angles will often catch Jared fishing out the side of the boat when either Scott or Mig hooks up, resulting in a mad dash to get the main camera… Can you blame him though?!

Ryan Baigent - Audio Technician


Like Jared, Ryan has been the audio tech for the show since season one. He takes care of the Audio mix, one of the last things and most important things to be done before the show is delivered to the network. He has a degree in Audio Engineering and co-owns the production company Locus Creative.

Brad Brown - Graphics


Brad has a very sharp eye for graphics and also a keen interest in fishing. Brad and his company Zeppelin Bend have been doing graphics for Fishing & Adventure since season 2. Brad takes care of everything from the maps and transitions to opening titles and in show billboards. A crucial part of the post production.