Fishing & Adventure Kids Club

We're stoked to announce the start of our very own Kids Club.

At Fishing & Adventure we're all about encouraging kids to get outside, put down their devices and challenge themselves along the way. The Kids Club is a 6 month activity based group where Scott & Mig will present a monthly "challenge" to complete.

The Kids Club offers direct access to Scott and Mig with regular interaction through a closed Facebook group and email in which members can share the challenges they have completed, can ask questions and win spot prizes along the way.

Each member that signs up receives a welcome package which includes a Kids Club Activity Booklet, F&A Hat and a Sticker Pack. To keep the excitement and anticipation going, a parcel will arrive each month in the mail which aligns with a challenge in the booklet.

There's a one-off registration fee of $27.99 which includes the welcome pack plus five monthly challenge packs, spot prizes and more. Perfect for kids ages 5-12. 

Completing all challenges also enters you into the draw for a grand prize!

So, if you have someone in your family who would love to join the adventure, try a few challenges and get outdoors, sign them up to the 2019 Fishing & Adventure Kids Club.

Members must be based in New Zealand.

By purchasing a membership to the Fishing & Adventure Kids Club, you agree that you have read and accepted the Disclaimer unless otherwise stated.

All membership for 2019 have been allocated.