Fishing & Adventure Kids Club

Kids Club 2020

Memberships for 2020 are now closed!

At Fishing & Adventure we're all about encouraging kids to get outside, put down their devices and challenge themselves along the way. The Kids Club is a 6 month activity based group where Scott & Mig will present a monthly "challenge" to complete along with other activities. 

Being a member offers direct access to Scott and Mig through a (CLOSED) Facebook Group where you can share all your cool photos, creations and adventures. Each month, from August to January, members will receive a challenge envelope in the mail.  This will include the instructions and any props needed to complete that months’ challenge. 

The 2020 Membership includes:

- Your Official Members T-Shirt (OPTIONAL)
- Kids Club Challenge Poster
- F&A Collectors Fish Species Cards
- 6 x Monthly challenges
- Episode Quizzes
- Plus spot prizes for challenges and episodes quizzes

Please note that members must be based in New Zealand. 

By purchasing a membership to the Fishing & Adventure Kids Club, you agree that you have read and accepted the Disclaimer unless otherwise stated.